: : :Simple Linen Dress: : :

 Simplicity 2174....can you tell I'm excited to be finished with it? ;)
yeeesssss!!!! finally finished :)

pair with a narrow belt and long necklace...and this plain little dress is adorable ;)

Oh my! Is it nearly February already? Seems like yesterday was September and the beginning of my junior year. And it's sad to say, but I've not sewed a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. since September. I started this dress in August, and had it all finished except for the hem within a week. I finally hemmed it last week. January 21. Yes, I know. Extreme procrastination, right? But...it is really, actually finished now...and I can hardly believe it! Now I can move on to other projects....

So...Simplicity 2174...a versatile pattern with several combinations for nearly any look you're going for. I had some plum-ish linen laying around, so I decided to make a winter dress with 3/4 sleeves. This pattern was exactly what I was wanting. There are two features about this dress that I love--the neckline and the pockets! Cute, cute, cute. It's subtle cuteness...but cuteness nevertheless.

I made a size 8 straight through. I had no problems, no frustration, no roadblocks, no troubles--this dress was smooth sailing. I don't know why I didn't just hem it back in August. haha. But movin' on from that...I used an invisible zipper, hand-stitched the hem, and it was a fantastic pattern. What I love about the Amazing Fit pattern line is the bust options...sometimes I get exasperated with always having to decrease the bust size on other patterns. So...I had no fitting issues with this pattern, and that in itself definitely makes it a keeper (plus it's cute, right!). I might just make a summer dress using this dress pattern...but haven't quite decided yet. I highly recommend it, and hope you'll give it a whirl if you're thinking about trying it out! :)


  1. beautiful :) I was making my mind about buying this pattern, as usual I checked the sewing pattern review - and your review convinced me - I'm getting it. Thanks, and you're right, your dress is adorable :)