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Simplicity 1664

I bought Simplicity 1664 about two days ago because I fell in love with the jacket and the pants...but...when I got home I realized there was this cute little skirt included! :) Sweet. Especially since I spent more than I like to normally spend on a pattern. Anyway, I dug up this red and black cotton that I've had floating around for months now. And...wah-lah...a new skirt.

Simplicity 1664 is a quick and easy pattern. There were no issues...and it literally took 2 hours (that includes hand sewing the hem and yoke facing, lol). The pattern is basically two rectangles gathered onto a yoke. I made a size 12 and used an invisible zipper. I made the hem 1.25" wide.

This skirt is nice for winter as I have it above...and it will be great for summer, too. Double win. :)

Only thing is...I sorta feel like minnie mouse in it, haha...but that might be related to my choice of shoes ;)

<<<check out my second version here>>>


  1. You and your skirt are adorable! I'll have to make this for my dd.


    1. Thank you, Claire. It's a fun skirt to make =)