: : :Flowy and Feminine: : :

Butterick 5463

First of all, this chiffon was love at first sight for me--it is so soft and feminine...which is exactly what I like to wear. It drapes nicely, too, and the colors are gentle and sweet.

This entire top was made on a last minute whim. I had a much excitedly anticipated date :) the next day and wanted something flowy and feminine to wear...and just happened to wander into this fabric. Problem solved--it was meant to be. So I bought it and the pattern and rushed home to whip it out, haha.

The pattern I chose is Butterick 5463, and I made view A in a size 8. I chose it because it looked flowy. The top only took about 2 hours to make as it is basically two rectangles with a flounce attached to each sleeve. The most difficult part was hemming the chiffon. I learned to just go s.l.o.w. As difficult as it was to not zip along as I like to (hehe), I was happy that I took my time because my hems came out better than they normally do when I use chiffon.

The only gripe I have with this top is that when I wear a belt with it and move my arms alot, the sides pull up...but it's not a huge deal and I guess I can live with it ;) you can see this happening in the front view in the pictures above.

Altogether a simple top to make. I love how it came out--the chiffon is really what makes it just lovely :)


  1. Very pretty! I am impressed, chiffon is one of the things that I HATE sewing with.

    1. Thank you! (: I'm discovering a love for chiffon...although I agree with you that it is rather bothersome to sew with!!