: : :A Thrifty Find: : :

I found this blazer at Goodwill for $7. It will be perfect for interviewing! Am so excited! :D My outfit with the dress and blazer cost a grand total of $37! Not bad, eh? :)

*I know the pants in the headless pictures don't match, lol . . . was just hoping they would ... got 'em at Goodwill, too, lol


  1. It is lovely and you look adorable in it :) Our Goodwill is having a special "deal" for July 27 thru 29. You can purchase one clothing item for 1/2 price :) I really enjoy reading your blog. Janet

    1. Hi Janet,
      Your comment is so sweet. :) Thanks!
      I love rummaging through my local Goodwill. Have fun with the special deal at yours! I hope you find a gem! :D